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Wendy E. Dow

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San Luis Obispo County Learning Center

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Academic Associates Hall of Fame


  1. Dylan was approaching a challenging semester at Cuesta College and his stress level was accelerating in anticipation of the heavy reading load ahead. When he came to me, he told me he didn't enjoy reading, AT ALL. While he tested well on the reading test, he confessed that he often did not recall the material he read, leaving him frustrated and discouraged. After 32 hours with the Academic Associates Program, Dylan now reads at a college level and is reading books for personal enjoyment. I had the pleasure of sharing study skills and goal setting with him as well. Dylan is now blazing a trail for success in whatever he sets his mind to.


  1. I began working with Hannah in April.  Hannah is challenged with an Auditory Processing problem and Insufficient Convergence Disorder.  As a result, Hannah had low confidence. When tested, she was reading more than two years below her grade level. 

  2. Her mother was homeschooling Hannah to accommodate for her needs. However, she was at her wits end and had no idea how to help her. Once we began the program, Hannah worked hard and looked forward to every lesson.  Her hard work paid off. She completed the course in only five months!  Upon our final testing, Hannah was reading at grade level! Hannah and her family are thrilled with the results.  She has more confidence and thoroughly enjoys reading.  Hannah is now reading novels. Another benefit? Her school work has improved in every area. 

  3. Her parents now recommend the Academic Associates to all their friends with children who are struggling in reading.


  1. As a 5th grader, Miranda looked at reading as a chore. Miranda was certain she would do poorly on the reading test, and her reading test score reflected her self-doubt. After 48 hours of instruction in the Academic Associates reading program, I am happy to say Miranda exceeded my expectations. She raised her reading ability EIGHT grades! "I was thrilled when I received Miranda's test results," Miranda's mom said. Miranda now reads books for pleasure and especially enjoys reading out loud. A job well done.

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